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1The most deadliest poisons known to mankind are listed below. These poisons will all cause death when they come into contact with any person. Poisons kill by one of three methods of being administered, either by being ingested by swallowing, inhaled by breathing in their vapor or absorbed through the skin.

2When these poisons enter the body they immediately attack the persons system and continue to be catastrophically detrimental to most if not all of the body's functions. Most poisons do not need much time to kill their recipient and death can occur in as little as twenty seconds. Some poisons take a lot longer depending on the amount that was ingested, inhaled or absorbed.

3When we are talking about the world's deadliest poisons known to man, we generally mean that only a small amount of the poison needs to get into the system to kill the recipient. By such small quantities we are talking about a teaspoonful at most or at least a grain of rice or a grain of salt being sufficient to kill.

4In the case of some of these poisons only an amount a tenth of a grain of salt is needed to kill the recipient. All of the poisons listed on this page will bring about death with almost zero chance of the recipient being saved.

5However if antidotes and antitoxins are administered shortly after a person gets poisoned, some recipients have survived. Some of the relatively weakest poisons are those that are derived from plants whereas people poisoned by them can be saved.

6Generally speaking, if a person is poisoned, their chances of surviving are very slim. Nearly all poisons, regardless of their initial strength and potency are detrimental to the body's central nervous system and any recovery can be a slow and uncomfortable process.


8Altropa Belladonna also known as Deadly Nightshade is one of the most poisonous toxins to be derived from a plant and can be lethal to anyone ingesting any amount. Only two small berries or a single leaf from this plant needs to be eaten by an adult to render death. People often mistake the toxic berries of the Belladonna plant for blackcurrants and many have died as a result of eating them.

9Unless you can identify with 100% accuracy what type of berry or plant that you intend eating from, then don't touch it. The most toxic part of the Belladonna plant is actually the root, although the entire plant contains toxins such as tropane alkaloids including scopolamine and hyoscyamine. The berries taste sweet but are full of lethal alkaloid toxins.

10The two toxins of scopolamine and hyoscyamine alone will cause deliriums and hallucinations leading into coma and death and are ingredients used in so called truth serums. The side effects of truth serums are usually permanent brain damage or death.

11Scopolamine was used by the Gestapo during World War Two in the hope of extracting information out of those they were interrogating. By sending the victim into a state of delirium they would lose all sense of reality and it was thought would tell the truth about any question they were asked.

12What was not thought about was the fact that the victim was rendered totally incognitive and would say absolutely anything in their drugged up state and not even know what they were saying.

13Belladonna was also one of the most widely used medicines in the world, the actual name of Belladonna means "beautiful woman" in Italian. This is because minute amounts will dilate and widen the eyes, making a woman more aesthetically beautiful. However blindness can occur and it is not recommended dropping amounts of poison into your eyes.


15Hemlock is a poison that is derived from the Conium Maculatum plant, the plant is commonly called Poison Hemlock to notify the unsuspecting of its potential danger. Just 100 milligrams of the plants seeds or root is enough to be fatal.

16When hemlock is ingested by swallowing, it starts to kill straight away. Initial consumption will cause burning sensations in the mouth followed by frothing at the mouth and diarrhoea with urination.

17Constant diarrhoea and urination will build up in the later stages and death eventually results from total respiratory failure. Depending on the amount ingested, death can occur anywhere from a few minutes to a few days.

18Mechanical ventilation (forced breathing short of hyperventilation) over several hours can sometimes revive a recipient of hemlock poisoning if it is administered soon after ingestion. The recipient of mechanical ventilation after hemlock poisoning has a chance of recovery over a three day period.

19Hemlock being one of the few deadly poisons where the recipient of its toxins has a chance of surviving.

20The roots of the plant yield the strongest poison. It is thought that the poison that was used to kill Greek philosopher, Socrates, was derived from the root of Hemlock. Socrates was condemned to death in 399B.C for heresy and impiety, his sentence was suicide by hemlock and he was forced to drink the poison.



23Aconite, the toxin derived from the monkshood plant is one of the most poisonous substances on the face of the earth. Aconite is on par with hemlock, if not more potent.

24Aconite is classed as an alkaloid toxin, one of the deadliest and most formidable poisonous substances known to man. All parts of the monkshood plant are poisonous and consequently it must be handled with care. You should always wear gloves and wash your hands after touching it, as even a mild dose of its poison can cause a serious allergic reaction that can render the 'victim' in need of medical treatment.

25You don't have to take in the poison by mouth, it can be absorbed through the skin. Be it the stem, the sap, the petals or the roots, this plant is a killer if not given all due care and respect. Many people through the ages have been killed either accidentally or even on purpose by this plant. Monkshood is also the assassins plant of choice for rendering the poison of choice! Read more about Monkshood on my other dedicated webpage, by clicking on the image on the left.


27Mercury, also known as " quicksilver " is a liquid metal and is quite toxic when its vapors are inhaled. Mercury is used in industry for a multitude of different uses. If large quantities of mercury are ever spilt then a hazardous materials (HazMat) fast response squad is generally summoned to clean it up.

28A few years ago mercury was used in thermometers to check an ailing persons temperature, indeed they would put a mercury filled glass thermometer in their mouths under the tongue to check body temperature, a most dangerous practice indeed.

29Today temperatures are collected electronically, for everybody's peace of mind! Mercury was once used in dental practice to form the base of fillings but as it acted as a slow poison this practice was stopped.

30Mercury poisoning is actually done via the vapor that it gives off rather than by ingesting it. Mercury is not absorbed into the body's system and eventually passes through the system.

31However, if somebody swallowed a teaspoonful then it would not do them much good and could result in their death. Mercury is generally toxic in any form and should always be handled with respect.


33Anthrax is an acute infectious virus derived from the deadly Bacillus Anthracis bacteria. Anthrax can be found in grass eating wild and domestic animals such as sheep and cows. Most often, animals in the regions of Asia, Africa, South America and some parts of Europe have been found to have anthrax spores in their meat.

34The Bacillus Anthracis spores usually lie dormant in the environment and can survive harsh winters and hot summers. The spores tend to lie in the top soil and stay there until they are germinated.

35Upon germination anthrax is rendered and will cause infection. Germination generally occurs when the spores get onto sweaty skin, are inhaled or ingested.

36Any form of anthrax poisoning is generally lethal and in its base form affects people and animals. However, anthrax poisoning does not always result in death if the correct vaccine is administered shortly after ingestion of the deadly spores. Some forms of anthrax poisoning can also be treated with powerful antibiotics.

37Generally speaking, it is only through the body's immune system that anthrax poisoning can be defeated.

38When used as a weapon, anthrax is usually administered in powdered form so that it is inhaled by the recipient. The spores are then rapidly absorbed into the system, much faster than if absorbed through the skin or ingested via swallowing. A small inhaled dose is often guaranteed to be fatal to those breathing in its spores, unless they are treated immediately.

39Depending on the amount inhaled, death is relatively slow and the recipient will die within one day to a week. If the recipient has inhaled a good sniff of anthrax powder there is usually nothing that can be done to save that person as the spores spread rapidly throughout the body.


41Sarin is a man made nerve agent and when used as a weapon, is administered in the form of a gas. It was originally developed in Germany in 1938 as a powerful pesticide and is very dangerous as it is odorless, tasteless, colorless and hard to detect until it kills.

42In its base form, sarin is a liquid but it is allowed to evaporate into a more versatile gas for biochemical warfare. In its liquid form, a small drop on the skin can be very detrimental to its recipient and will cause violent sweating and muscular convulsions almost immediately.

43A drop of neat liquid sarin, the size of a pinhead will quickly kill anyone who ingests it.

44Sarin was heavily developed into a biochemical weapon to be used in times of war and several countries actually stockpiled it. The agent was actually used in the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980's and also by terrorists on March 20th, 1995 on the Tokyo subway.

45Known as the Sarin Subway Incident members of the domestic terrorist group called The Aum Shinrikyo released Sarin on several lines of the Tokyo Metro. The sarin gas killed thirteen people outright and severely incapacitated fifty others. Nearly a thousand other commuters became sick and temporarily blind.

46Breathing in sarin will cause convulsions, paralysis, coma followed by total respiratory failure leading to imminent death. The worst part of Sarin poisoning is that recipients of its deadly gas never know they have been poisoned by it until its too late.

47This was one of the reasons why it was chosen as a biochemical weapon, the enemy would not know it was in their air until it was too late and hence could not take any precautions against it.

48Mustard gas also known as phosgene gas had a yellowish tinge to it and could be seen quite clearly by the soldiers in the First World War who it was used against.

49Sarin was classed as a weapon of mass destruction and consequently production and stockpiling of it was outlawed by the Chemical Weapons Convention in 1993.






55DEATHCAP AMATOXIN: This poison is derived from the worlds most toxic mushroom, the Death Cap Amanita Phalloides, the spores of which are absolutely lethal to man and beast. This isolated species of mushroom is singularly responsible for the majority of fatal and near fatal mushroom poisoning cases the world over.

56The Death Cap mushroom is wholeheartedly responsible for spreading all the fear that there is about poisonous mushrooms and has a lot to answer for...and for good reason, it is seriously and extremely toxic.

57The poison is slow acting and will kill the recipient over several days. There is almost no remedy or cure for a person who has been poisoned by Death Cap Amatoxin. The fatal amount that is needed to be ingested is just half of a single mushroom .

58The Death Cap mushroom will taste very nice as it is impossible to detect by its flavor and almost as hard to detect by the look of it.

59Later that evening she was rushed to Musgrove Park Hospital by ambulance, where her heart stopped at least four times and her kidneys and liver failed. Mrs Hale died in intensive care surrounded by her family the following day.

60The toxins mainly attack the liver of the recipient and only by having an organ transplant can a person sometimes survive. In 2006, three members of a family from Poland were poisoned by each eating a single Death Cap mushroom.

61In the 1971 movie The Beguiled starring Clint Eastwood, his character ended up being killed by a young girl who deliberately cooked Death Cap mushrooms for him. Indeed he could not distinguish them from poisoned ones, eating up a whole plate load of them, agreeing that they were very tasty.




65Most people who die through Strychnine poisoning do so accidentally. They may get some of the pesticide on their fingers and rub their mouth, only a small amount is needed to bring about the mechanism of death. Death is brought about by cardiovascular collapse brought on by severe convulsions and acute asphyxia.

66This poison is usually ingested by swallowing and is a relatively quick killer, taking no prisoners. Indeed strychnine poisoning causes respiratory failure and brain death in under 30 minutes and is irreversible once in the system. Strychnine usually induces a coma in the recipient in only a few minutes and it is under coma that they expire.





71Cyanide is a rapidly acting, potentially lethal chemical substance that can exist in several different forms, as a gas, a liquid or in crystalline form. Indeed, Cyanide can exist as a colorless gas such as Hydrogen cyanide (HCN) or Cyanogen chloride (CNCI) or in crystal form such as Sodium cyanide (NaCN) or as Potassium cyanide (KCN)

72Concentrated potassium cyanide was the poison that was recommended by leading Allied scientists in World War Two as the most suitable poison to be carried by secret agents in order to commit suicide if caught. It was issued to agents in the form of a tablet known as "the L Pill" the letter 'L' standing for lethal. It just had to be crunched in the mouth, releasing the lethal liquid within and the recipient would be dead in under 20 seconds.

73In 1945, at the end of Word War Two, Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler and Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering both committed suicide by biting down on cyanide ampoules that they had secreted about their persons. It was believed that Hitler also swallowed potassium cyanide before shooting himself in the head with his Walther PPK.

74Cyanide it seems was the poison of choice by those who wished to commit suicide as it was a fast killer. Cyanide will also kill if it is in touch with the skin, as it is absorbed through the epidermis and renders cardiac arrest when in the bloodstream.


76TTX is estimated to be one hundred times more potent than potassium cyanide. Only ½ a milligram (200 thousandths of an ounce) in the bloodstream will render death in under 20 seconds and 25 milligrams (800 thousandths of an ounce) swallowed will have the same effect.

77TTX is classed as a neurotoxin and attacks the nervous system of the person who is unlucky enough to ingest it. There is no known antidote, cure or remedy for anyone poisoned by this toxin. Death will usually occur to the recipient between 4 to 6 hours, nobody has ever survived longer then 7 hours after being poisoned by a quantity of this toxin.




81Ricin is a very powerful and highly toxic substance, an amount the size of a pinhead will kill the unfortunate recipient of it. Depending on the amount taken death can occur over a few minutes to a few days, but death will always occur, there is no cure, no remedy and no respite from the toxins deadly work.

82Out of all the toxins that are derived from plants, ricin is the most deadliest, even more deadly than the toxins derived from the very lethal Monkshood plant. However it is not a natural substance as such, as it needs to be refined.

83Ricin is a toxin that is naturally found in normal everyday castor beans. If the raw castor bean is chewed and swallowed the released ricin can cause incapacitation to the unlucky recipient or even death. In its raw state though, its not classed as a dangerous substance.

84Although when refined and concentrated, ricin is one of the worlds most toxic substances and will kill every time. Ricin is the waste product of the castor oil business and is found in the beans pulp. Ricin has to be concentrated and refined to develop it into the lethal poison that effectively kills.

85In 1978 Georgi Markov, a Bulgarian dissident, writer and journalist was assassinated in London by elements of the Bulgarian secret police and it is thought with assistance from the K.G.B. Markov was stabbed in the leg with the tip of an umbrella, the umbrellas ferrule had been fashioned to inject a micro engineered pellet of ricin. A few days later Markov died as the ricin slowly poisoned him.

86Ricin kills by infiltrating healthy cells and preventing them from making protein, without protein the cells die. Of course all of the body's cells eventually end up getting infiltrated and attacked, consequently the whole body breaks down from the inside out and death results as the organs cease to function. Its a slow death but a sure death, as there is no cure.


88VX Gas is the deadliest, most toxic nerve agent (organophosphate) ever created by mankind. It is called a nerve agent primerily because VX gas attacks the nervous system of the recipient.

89In its normal state VX is a tasteless, odorless liquid that can be absorbed through the skin to kill. When the liquid is slightly heated, it turns into a lethal vapor that is an even more effient medium to kill its recipient. It only takes 30 micrograms to kill a person.

90The world was shown the effectiveness of VX gas when Iraqi dictator Sadam Hussein used it against the Kurds in 1988. The gas killed over 5,000 Kurdish men, women in children.

91It was devised as a biochemical nerve agent during the cold war and was held in large enough quantities to become a nuclear deterrent. VX is so lethal that just a small drop in liquid form will absorb through the skin and kill the recipient in a few minutes. VX is lethal if touched, lethal if swallowed and lethal if inhaled. Even in the form of a gas it can be absorbed through the skin to bring about death.

92Scientists have developed and antidote for VX gas which consists of a mixture of different chemicals medicines. Some of these medicines include atropine, pralidoxminechloride and diazepam. Auto injection kits are issued to U.S soldiers in the Gulf in case of VX gas attacks.


94Botulinum Toxin (botulism) is the deadliest poison known to mankind, it is the ultimate poison. It is not a case of a single teaspoonful killing a person but killing several million persons. One single microscopic nanogram (one billionth of a gram) is enough to kill a person.

95A single gram is enough to kill a hundred thousand people, if a large enough amount of this poison was ever released into the worlds eco system then it could annihilate the entire planet.

96Scientists really excelled themselves when they cultured this toxin. It makes one wonder wether they had the entire extinction of the human race on their minds when they were cultivating it.

97Lets just hope and ensure that this toxin remains behind locked, closed, sealed, welded up 10 foot thick stainless steel doors. Joking aside, I don't like the idea of such a lethal mankiller toxin being kept anywhere, as I don't think it should exist in the first place.

98Surprisingly though, the most lethal poison known to mankind is used in the cosmetics industry and is called Botox, being derived directly from BOtulinum TOXin.