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  Welcome to the Alternative Energy Store Calculator.  This calculator is designed to help you size a system for off-grid use.   
  Start by filling out the first tab, titled Solar Panels.  This tab will calculate how many Solar Panels you need, based upon you load(how much electricity you consume).  
  Once you've completed this tab, move on to the other tabs labeled Charge Controller & Battery Bank.  
  Solar Panel Array Sizing  
  Determine the size of the solar panel array you will need.  
  Step 1:            
    How many kilowatt-hours (kwh) does your home/location use per month?    
    (This value is usually printed on your electric bill. If you don't have a bill, or don't know your consumption,
click on 'load calculator'  at the top of this page to go through the steps to determine this value.)
    kilowatt-hours per month      
  Step 2:            
    You need to determine the minimum number of sun hrs per day during the winter.    
    Select the State-City Closest to your location (currently only US states are provided)    
    Minimum sun-hours for the winter times    
    Manually enter the minimum sun-hours for your location.    
  Step 3:            
  The total wattage of Solar Panels that you need is:      
    This value takes into account losses due to system inefficiencies.  
  Step 4:            
  How many solar panels do you need?  That depends on the panel you choose.     
  Select the wattage of the panel your interested in, and see the results below:      
Solar Panels | Charge Controller | Battery Bank | Load Calculator |