Welcome to Task Tracker Application.This will be very useful application for all the professionals such as Doctors,Engineers and Dentists. It will enable you to track your pending tasks. You can add new tasks or edit existing tasks.You can add notes to update the progress of tasks. You can filter tasks based on date.You will get upto 5 MB of total storage space and hence will be able to hold large number of tasks.You can clean-up your completed tasks using delete option.

The pending list of tasks is shown in tabular fashion. Due to limited width of smart phone all the columns are not displayed by default. Tap on any of thecolumn header to expand the list. Tap again to collapse the columns back.

Also you can manage contact details of your customers. You will be able to add new customer or edit existing customer.h

Your feedback is important to me so please email me your feedback at here.

Pending Tasks:

Name Visit Time Status Customer Phone Mobile
notes edit delete
No Pendng tasks for this date!


First Name Last Name Phone Mobile
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No customers matching the filter criteria!