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VERIFY Convict with life sentence (Jacqueline Hackett) FREE in USA !
(Court RTC66 ) case# 6738
Judge: Victor Concepcion
Attorney Alison Cimino 5058420888
Sponsor Ron Hackett 505-386-8638
BoyFriend Bryan Pickering 970-799-8868

Ray met Jaki after following her to a Muslim terrorist training camp.
Ray learned of and informed FBI and NBI and PNP of a Terror plan (put 911 plan Link here) to attack USA, which would use airplanes to crash into targets and the target list options included the Pentagon, the World Trade Center, the Empire State Building, and others.
Jaki, while working as a prostitute, knew Ray as a customer and talked in her sleep about the Terror plan but convinced him she converted from Islam to Christianity and was no longer involved in the plan to attack USA. Jackie was pregnant, but in anger at Ray for buying a bus ticket instead of an airplane ticket for her, got what is known as a killer massage to break up the baby, causing abortion. Jackie told Ray The bus ride caused abortion
Jaki made a business proposition to Ray that they would marry, make babies, go to USA, and use EIC money to build houses in the Philippines for their children. (Put confession Link here) Ray did not know this was marriage fraud, a Class 6 felony but Jackie knew.
Ray kept on warning the FBI about the upcoming attack on USA But was always ignored and finally decided to fly to USA and visit FBI personally. Ray got a ticket on Cathay Pacific Airlines for September 10 in Manila which was September 11, the attack date in USA. When Ray checked in for his flight, Manila airport workers informed Ray all flights were cancelled to USA that day because of a terror attack.
Jackie was pregnant and Ray married her, but Jackie made the marriage fraudulent as she had her aunt Magnolia's signiture forged as a witness, but Ray was unaware of this.
Ray continued his mission of making free schools for poor children. Ray did this with great success worldwide especially in China and India. The total sum of students in his schools hovers around 1 billion students yearly.
Jackie coerced girls at one of Ray's schools to ask for money from people online and when Ray found out Ray banned the guilty girls from the school. Those girls and Jackie conspired with the police to extort money from Ray with false charges. The plan backfired because when the police found out Ray had no money they put jackie in jail with Ray charging both Jackie and Ray with (case 6738) human trafficking.
Unown to Ray, Jackie and her attorney Josephine Ducusin bribed the judge to dismiss the case.
Ray arrived in USA. Jackie arrived in USA, but was detained by ICE agents because many men complained about her defrauding them of money by Leading them to believe they were her one and only boyfriend who she was coming to USA to meet. ICE agents allowed her to call those men and ask them not to press charges and they agreed so ICE agents allowed Jackie to continue her trip, reuniting with Ray and their two daughters Hazel and Faye and they made another boy baby and named him Norman Ray Hackett. Jackie had been accustomed to getting 50 pesos for sex in the Philippines which is one US dollar and found out in USA she could get $1,000 instead of just $1 each time, and so she refused to stop prostituting herself. When Ray insisted she stop, she threatened to kill him with poison and then poisoned him twice in December 2007 and January 2008 (put medical records link here) Ray agreed to give Jackie 50% custody of the children so that Ray and Jackie could both have housing; Ray in California and Jackie in Colorado. Jackie broke the agreement and followed Ray to California. Ray made an ideal setup as rent was paid automatically and Albertsons grocery store delivered groceries to the door and the school bus picked up and dropped off the children at the front gate.
Corrupt Philippines government officials contacted Ray and threatened to have the case dismissal overturned unless Ray went to the Philippines and accessed incriminating information from Philippines government computer systems about the Philippines president and the governor of Mindanao. Ray went, got the information, was removed from the case 6738, and agreed to travel to a press conference with 100 reporters and present the information and a better person to be governor, but the current governor was informed of the plan, and met the Convoy (which Ray's bus had broken down and dropped out of) and killed all the reporters and those traveling with them. Ray escaped to Guam the nearest part of USA. Meanwhile in USA Jackie lied to Ray's relatives, telling them he abandoned her and the kids and they had no food. This was just a manipulation to get full custody of the children and set Ray's relatives against him. From reliable sources, Ray learned Jackie did not convert from Islam but is in TAQIYA a Muslim term for Deep Cover disguise as she is part of a Sleeper Cell that will attack USA WATER SUPPLY WITH POISON and this is from the same sources that warned of the 911 terror attack in 1994, which information Ray provided to FBI, NBI, and PNP in 1995 and was ignored until the attack happened so talk about deja vu!
Josephine Ducusin, former attorney of Jackie, was involved in having the case 6738 dismissal overturned and Jackie threatened that Josephine Ducusin would be killed by poison and that did happen. The relatives of Josephine added murder charges to the case against Jackie and obtained a conviction and a life sentence against Jackie.
Jackie moved in with a boyfriend in Colorado and the boyfriend also rented an apartment for her in New Mexico to assist with the fraud of a Colorado resident filing a New Mexico case. Ray, aware of this, went to New Mexico and rented the New Mexico apartment from Jackie to prove that she was not staying there and she was living in Colorado. Ray informed the court of this (Put New Mexico Court case link here)but the fraud prevailed nonetheless, even though the court was aware the money kept Ray's children alive in the Philippines and so was thes New Mexico judicial standards committee who refused to act on Ray's complaint against the judge, so Ray's kids continue to die from starvation even though just a few people asking Jackie to stop the fraud would do it; they all refuse to say anything, believing that Ray's kids aren't real or if they are real, there are too many and some should die.